The Lost Painting

Jul 17, 2017 By Taarini C., 10
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Ten-year old Samuel walked downstairs to the living room on an early Saturday morning while rubbing his sleepy eyes. When he reached the last step he was in shock! His eyes grew as big as saucers. 

It was obvious that someone had broken into his house! To his dismay his neatly stacked newspapers were thrown around on the sofa and a glass lamp was shattered. He rushed to see if his prized possession was still there, but, no! Sadly, his painting that his grandma had given him was missing!

He quickly rushed upstairs and woke up his parents. Samuel said that they have a gigantic problem! After he told them what happened, his parents said that they should call grandma. At first Samuel was reluctant because he didn’t want grandma to worry, but than he decided it would be for the best. Grandma came as soon as she heard. Then Samuel’s mom called the police and he came over to to take scans of fingerprints. The police said it was El Macho a man who was a robber for 8 years. 

Samuel wondered why he wanted the painting. His grandma then told him the truth about the painting and that it was the real original Mona Lisa! All these years grandma told him that it was a fake Mona Lisa, not the real one! Soon the police drove them to where the robber hung out. Then the police showed his evidence to the robber and the robber got put in jail! When they found where he hid the painting Samuel was so relieved he thought his heart was beating 200 times a minute! When they got home we put a glass case around the painting so robbers couldn’t come and take the painting otherwise the alarm would go off!