Mission KFC: Part 1

Sep 10, 2017 By Ben
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“Today, I hereby declare that the great restaurant that founded the famous Kentucky fried chicken, KFC, will now close due to mismanagement,” declared the old man wearing a crisp white suit, “We apologize to all of our customers that we fed you other birds instead of chickens. However, to continue the legacy of Colonel Sanders, the man who spread this famous Kentucky fried chicken to many millions since 1930, we will now hide the secret Kentucky fried chicken recipe. Whoever finds this recipe will be able to do anything they want with it: sell it, make fried chicken, or even create their own restaurant.”

    Nam turned off the TV. “Whacha think about dat?”

    “I say let’s find this fried chicken!” replied Leo.

    “Where are we gonna start?”

    “First, let’s wait until someone finds a clue. Next, we analyze that clue before anyone else finds out!”

    “Whacha wanna do now?”

    “I say let’s watch Despicable Me!”

    Nam and Leo turned on the TV. A Minion popped up from the screen and whispered, “Eht cfk epicer si ni eht lol etisbew!” Then, Despicable Me started. Nam sat on the couch, pondering what the Minion meant. However, Leo didn’t seem to notice anything. Suddenly, an idea appeared in Nam’s head.

    “Leo, I found the clue!”

    “What is it?”

    “Remember that random Minion?”


    “Well, I bet it said a secret message.”

    “All I heard was baby talk.”

    While Leo and Nam were at the house, Nam’s parents traipsed off to a party. Nam snuck into his parents’ room and found his dad’s computer. He turned it on and tried to access it by entering various passwords. “Hmmm…,” Nam thought aloud, “password123, no, dad12345, no, computer1, no. What could the password be?” Suddenly, an idea leaped in Nam’s head. “Aha, the wifi password!” Nam remembered. He input it and finally, the Windows home screen flashed up. Nam clicked on the app, “Home Security.” In order to protect their house, Nam’s parents had installed security cameras. The Home Security app loaded. Nam clicked on the “1 hour ago” file and selected “view.” After adjusting to the proper timeline, he saw the same Minion that whispered random words. He clicked a reverse button and heard the Minion whisper, “The KFC recipe is in the lol website!”     

    “Leo, come here!” Nam screamed. Leo swiftly appeared next to Nam. “Listen,” commanded Nam.

    Leo heard the secret and piped, “Oh, I know what lol is. It’s the biggest video game in the world!” Nam handed over the computer to Leo and searched up League of Legends. Leo cried out, “League of Legends is sponsoring a rocket launch to Mars!”

    “It must be …”


Stay tuned for Part 2....