Mission KFC: Part 2

Oct 3, 2017 By Ben
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“The KFC recipe is on Mars!”

“Well if the recipe is on Mars, how do we get onto the rocket?”

“League of Legends wants swimmers because moving in the water is similar to moving in outer space.”

“I’m good at swimming.”

“Good, you’ll find the KFC recipe.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll cheer for you.”

“Thanks, Leo.”

“No problem, thank me after you find the KFC recipe.”

As each night passed, the kids grew more excited. Soon they could barely sleep. If they did, they dreamed about finding the KFC recipe. Finally, after one week, Nam found a letter in his mailbox. The letter came from League of Legends, and Nam felt his heart beat against his chest. Nam rushed back home, grabbed the home telephone, and called Leo. “Leo, come; it’s the letter!”

Without replying, Leo hung up and raced to Nam’s house. Leo entered the unlocked door without even greeting Nam’s parents. Leo bounced to Nam’s room and told Nam, “Open the letter.” Nam broke the seal of the white envelope and unfolded the formal letter.

Dear Nam, due to your swimming capabilities, League of Legends will allow you to aboard the rocket ship, CS1163. However, you must show up to training everyday for eight hours. Training starts at 9 o’ clock. This training may be difficult for you and if you do not want to be subjected to harsh conditions, you may quit this program. If you want to enter this program, join the team at 1163, Lenoloc Drive, 11630, Srednas, California.

Nam and Leo gazed at the letter. “Whacha think, Nam?” asked Leo.

“I think I’m gonna board this rocket.”

“Great, but you need your parents' permission first.”

Nam walked downstairs to the kitchen. His father was drinking coffee and his mother was washing the dishes. “Mom, Dad, please read this letter,” pleaded Nam. His father rose out of his seat and took the letter. After silently reading, his father gave his mother the letter. His father’s face showed no emotion and Nam didn’t know how to react. After Nam’s mother read it, her face showed no emotion either.

“What do you think?” inquired Nam.

His parents simultaneously smiled. “We think that you are old enough to go on a rocket ship. In other words, we give you permission to enter the space program,” answered his father.

Nam felt a new feeling that he’d never felt before. He was happy, excited, and even a little bit scared--but the feeling was mostly good. Nam raced back upstairs to tell Leo the news. “So, did your parents allow you?” asked Leo.

“Believe it or not, they DID!” replied Nam. Leo smiled. “I’m going to be jealous of you,” remarked Leo.

One month passed. Finally, launch time arrived.