Mission KFC: Part 3

Jan 8, 2018 By Ben
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The launch took place in a large brown field that took two whole hours of driving from Leo’s house to get to. Nearby, a cameraman was adjusting his camera to get a good picture of the rocket. Leo could see a huge building, probably the control center, and a tiny bridge that connected the structure and the rocket. Leo could barely detect the five astronauts on the bridge. One was frantically waving at him and Leo guessed that it was Nam. He enthusiastically waved back and felt assured that the space trip would go well.

Time flew by. The astronauts boarded the space shuttle. Suddenly, Leo heard a deep voice announcing, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5-” Fire flew out of the rocket’s end. As each second passed, Leo noticed more fire. “4, 3-” The field started rumbling. Birds resting on trees flew away. “2, 1.” The space shuttle soared into the clear blue air.

“Ugh…” Nam groaned, “I don’t feel so good.”

“Don’t worry, kid,” the astronaut barely taller than Nam asserted, “You’re experiencing G-Force. I remember there was another kid as old as you on last flight and he threw up all over the controls.”

After a few minutes, Nam felt as if he was lightweight. “Are we in space?” asked Nam. “Yeah,” replied the tallest astronaut, “Take a look outside; you can see the once big earth-now little.” Nam rose up. He could see the green continents, cirrus clouds, and the vast blue bodies of water. Nam felt alone. None of his friends accompanied him. Out of the blue, he thought of Leo. He knew Leo would cheer for him while he visited space, and he brightened up.

Two months passed and finally, the rocket ship landed on Mars. “KFC,” thought Nam unconsciously, “I accidentally forgot about finding the recipe for two whole months!” Naitpac, the imposing captain of the journey, snapped his fingers to get everyone’s attention.

“As you all know, we have landed on Mars. This is no child’s game. If you forget to bring your equipment, you may freeze to death, starve, or be lost in a storm. Gear up. Nam, you take the sensing equipment. Maybe we will find fossils of organisms.” Nam nodded and put on his heavy silver suit. He walked to a room storing a variety of complex machines and instruments. Nam found a rover and gently rolled the rover out of the shuttle.

Everything was red. Nothing stirred, except for the winds. “Okay team, we are all going to head north.” Everyone understood and didn’t need to give the captain an affirmative. After two hours of traveling north, the rover began beeping. “There’s something under this rover,” declared the captain. One of the crew members rummaged through a toolbox. The member took out a drill and drilled a hole where the rover was.

THUNK. The drill hit something hard. “This must be the KFC recipe,” thought Nam. The crew member lifted a metal vault without a lock onto the rocky ground. The vault opened and everyone anxiously peered in. The glorious KFC recipe lay in the vault, in perfect condition.

“We found it,” marveled Nam, “Leo and I found the KFC recipe!” The crew loaded the vault onto the trusty rover and drove back to their base.

They later performed multiple missions, such as finding samples of rocks water to study the history of Mars. After one month of research on Mars, the crew headed back to earth. Once they splashed down in the Pacific Ocean and flew back to the flight base, crowds of reporters flooded near the rocket to interview the heroic astronauts, especially Nam.

However, among those reporters stood Leo. He cheerfully waved at Nam and Nam gave a triumphant “thumbs-up” gesture back. He wanted to run to Leo and tell him the big news, but his weakened body needed to readjust to earth’s heavy gravity. Nevertheless, something deep inside Nam told him that everything was fine. Leo somehow knew that Nam had secured the KFC recipe and immediately felt proud.