Nov 6, 2017 By Elisa L., 12
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Wam! The sound of metal hitting bone was heard on the field. I saw a student, clutching his throbbing head that was slowly growing a small lump the size of a fingernail, bent on the ground in front of me. I stood above him, my shadow easily towering over him as I held the metal lacrosse stick in my trembling hands.

People started looking at the scene, whispering to each other. Probably looking at what type of stupid person would make a scene on the field. I looked down, my hands were sweaty and my mind went blank as I thought back to what I had done. Why did I choose to hit him? It was on a clear and cold Monday morning, just what you would expect every day, but I didn’t know what was going to happen today, and I don’t think that I would have ever guessed.

There’s always someone at school that you don't particularly like. No matter what the reason, it seems like they are always making you on edge, picking at spots they know you would get upset over. That’s what I had to go through every day during school.“ Hey! Look at that nerd! She’s reading again!” or “ Book Worm!” The insults itself are not damaging, but maybe it was because of the continuous teasing that I snapped.  

So, during PE, when the teacher and most of my classmates left to bring extra equipment for our lacrosse unit, my rationality just stopped working. Usually, I won’t describe myself as having a very good temper, but I have never lost my cool so easily in a public place before. And what's worse, it had to happen in my school. So when he decided to push me during class, I stopped thinking and just decided to whack him on the head with a metal stick.

I looked down at the scene I had caused. It was almost too painful to think of the trouble I would be in once the teacher discovers what happened. The students that gathered around him started to retreat and went back to whatever they were doing before. Probably waiting to see what the teacher will do to me when she came back. He was still bent on the ground. I desperately wanted this to be over. If I had only not acted this rash, perhaps nothing would have happened. Life really did have many regrets.

However, time doesn’t wait for anyone, as I soon learned. I was wasting my time thinking about what would have happened if I didn’t hit him. The teacher was already on the field, and I guess seeing a student holding a metal stick with another student on the ground crying is not the best thing you want to see.

“What are you doing!” Yep, my life was officially over the moment I saw my teacher walk towards us. Her face was red and steam was almost coming out of her ears. It would have been comical if I had not been in this position right now. “ Office! Go!” She yelled. I lowered my head, this was worse than I imagined. Would I really get expelled? Thinking about it made my head hurt, my eyes started to twitch as the tears I tried to hold back came spilling out. Quickly, I wiped the tear stains on my shirt and started to continue to the office.

I opened the door slowly and edged into the office. The chairs that lined up facing the desk gave off a foreboding feeling. I sat down in the farthest one, waiting for what was about to come. My hands were sweaty and I quickly rubbed it on my pants.

It seemed like an eternity until the door opened and the teacher walked in. Facing me, she opened her mouth and said the words I was dreading to hear all day. “ You're….