Moms Just Know...

Jan 11, 2017 By Zachary, 12
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I had already taken a shower and brushed my teeth. Ready for bed, I waited for my mom to tuck me in. Every night she would scratch my back, massage my feet and pull my toes.

“MOMMY!” I yelled loudly across the house so she could hear me.
“YES, ZACHARY?!” She replied loudly, but not as loud as I did.
“COMING DIDI!” She yelled, calling me by my nickname.

The next thing I heard was the rustling of bare feet on hardwood, attempting not to step on the creaky floorboards.  My mom appeared in the doorway smiling at me as I was eagerly waiting for her to kiss me good night. She shuffled over to the side of my bed, obviously tired from working all day. Half asleep, she managed to tuck me in and go through the whole routine before retreating to her room.

“Love you,” she said to me before leaving.
“Love you too,” I replied in a yawn
Then I proceeded to say my nightly prayers, and count sheep to help me fall asleep.
“One sheep, Two sheep, Three sheep…” I said in my mind as I slowly dozed off into a deep slumber.

I scurried to a public bathroom. My hands between my legs, trying not let it out before I get there. It was if my bladder was going to explode. I felt a tingling sensation, and then I knew...

Quickly I sat up, awoken by my dream hoping it wasn’t real. I could feel the squishy, damp bed sheets under my soaking wet pant legs. A wave of panic spread over me. I had not wet by bed in years, and what would my parents think of an eleven year old wetting his bed. I didn't know what to do. The wet spots became cold once I threw off my sheets.

With my pants and the edges of the bottom of my shirt soaking wet, I walked stiffly to the bathroom across the hall, making sure not to drip. When I opened the squeaky  bathroom door, I sprinted for the toilet to finish my business. After washing my hands, picked up my wet clothes, and changed my underwear. So I was mostly dry when I told my parents.

I was always scared of the dark, especially crossing the big windows and long hallways, wondering what hid behind each corner. So I streaked across the house, then ramming into the door of my parent’s room as softly as i could.

“Mommy...Mommy…”I whispered as I was shaking her gently.
“What..?” My mom replied in a groggy voice.
“...I peed my pants,” I said reluctantly. My mom proceeded to hop straight out of bed as if she was awake the whole time.
“You go shower, and I’ll change your sheets…” she said trying not to wake my dad who was sleeping on the other side of the king size bed.

To my surprise, my mom was not startled by this. She just walked past me, and didn't say anything else as she strode across the house to my room with wet sheets that needed changing. So I didn’t say anything either, going to my room and grabbing a quick change of pajamas and a fresh towel to dry myself with.

Hopping into the shower, I couldn’t help thinking. I realized that my mom just wanted me to be happy. That is why, no matter how tired, she would tuck me in and put up with my crazy demands. That’s why she didn’t comment on a situation that would normally make me uncomfortable and embarrassed.