Nov 6, 2017 By David W., 12
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Michigan was my home. I always seemed to come back to it. Even when I moved to Massachusetts, I ended up moving back. Today was a cold, sunny day. I sat in my room working at my desk on homework. Like always, my plans for afterwards were to use my spare time to play Minecraft.

I finished my homework and headed downstairs. I was about to start playing, when my parents called me and my two sisters, one small, the other close to my height, into our kitchen. I shut my laptop, and walked over to the kitchen. Who would have known that the next few minutes would change my life forever.

After talking about our days for around 15 minutes, my mom brought up the next subject. “We have big news.” my mom told us. I was confused for a minute. What big news? I thought.”Ok…..” I replied. “After a lot of thought, we have decided to move to California.” I froze. WHAT??!!  As they explained the details, I just listened, contemplating what would happen next.

Before I knew it, the last day of school was upon me. Each hour of the day was hard, having to say goodbye to friend after friend, each class. I forgot about that in the last period though. “3! 2! 1!!! Wohooo!!” We all chanted in unison. The final bell rang, and kids came pooling out of all classrooms in the school. I said final goodbyes to my friends, not to see them again, at least for a long time.

A couple days after that, I had arrived in San Francisco, California. I stood there, taking in my new home. Everything was so... different. We met up with my dad, who chauffeured us to our new house. As we drove along, all I could think about was how badly I missed Michigan. It did not take me long to get used to my new home though.

A month later, school had begun. Summer was over, and homework was imminent. It had been a crazy experience, the move, and it was about to get crazier. But I was ok with that. The last of the four bells rang, and the school year had begun.