My Dog Shadow

Nov 5, 2014 By Daniel, 13
Deepa Gopal's picture

My dog’s name is Shadow. He is an Australian Shepherd. He is 2 years old now and his birthday is September 24. Shadow is a Blue Merle. Blue Merle’s are a coat that different dogs have.

Shadow was exactly 8 weeks old when we got him. We drove to Davis, California at 6 am in the morning. It was a brisk cold day that morning and we met the breeder at a gas station to pick up our new dog. They had 12 other dogs in a crate ready for people to adopt them. He finally came home and slept for about 3 hours.

Shadow has black and white fur and has blue eyes. Shadow knows many tricks and is still ready to learn more. Shadow has no tail. He was born without one, or it was cut off, because a while back -- maybe even now, Aussies (Australian Shepherd) were used to herd animals. Their tail was cut off to protect the dog from being bitten by cows, sheep or other animals.

Shadow has many dog friends. His best friend is Joey, a puppy that is a Briard. Shadow has some enemies too and competes with German Shepherds. He has lots of friends but does not enjoy two neighbor dogs named Pepper and Spice. Just kidding he hates them! Pepper and Spice are mini poodles. Pepper is a small, black dog and she is actually, fat. Spice on the other hand is white and yellow, and skinny but is so slow. If they bark together, it is so annoying because they just won't stop. They bark at whatever comes by their house and they bark non stop. Whenever they go on walks they bark right next to our fence and Shadow goes crazy.

Shadow knows many tricks including listening through technology. He will do any trick that he knows in person or alone in the garage through a phone or skype or any other talking devices. My dog can wink on command with one eye - he can also move his ears on command without anyone touching him.

Shadow likes to go on walks with no leash. Shadow will not chase cats, birds and squirrels. Shadow will only chase them if we tell him to. Shadow has one animal that he will chase no matter what and that animal is a lizard. Shadow has never killed a lizard, but has almost trapped one in a corner of our house.

Shadow has never run away and never will. He is good at finding his way home. He’ll find us from a quarter mile away, if he hears the words “Go Home”. Shadow has more to learn in life. Hopefully, he will learn how to ignore Pepper and Spice or maybe they might be quiet for once. Shadow has many more years to make new friends and maybe even hunt more lizards.