Thank You, Dear Savior

Jan 8, 2018 By Mira B., 12
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I will never forget those 30 seconds of my life that are seared into my mind and neither will I forget the man who saved her. I didn’t get a chance to say thank you to him because I couldn’t speak at that moment. I wish I had thanked him or at least smiled.

I was at the beach in Costa Rica and I sat down and started to pick out the perfect shells to add to my shell collection. I could feel the cool breeze against my soft skin. My feet tingled as I dipped them into the cool ocean water.

There was some commotion going on in the background. A man and a boy were fighting. They were each holding surfboards; one was a hazy yellow color while the other was a light blue. The man was muscular and had tattoos snaking down both his arms.  He was beating the boy, cussing, and speaking in his native language. Meanwhile, the boy looked like he wanted to fight back or run, but didn't do anything. Maybe because he knew he wasn’t strong enough to fight the man.  

I could see my dad was a bit ticked off by them. They were being a nuisance so I  turned my attention to my parents. My mom was in the water, happily swimming in the shallows while my dad was standing knee -deep in the water enjoying the waves as they came surging. There was some argument between them about getting carried away by the riptide. There was some sand in my eye so I rubbed them for about 10 seconds.  When I opened them I saw my mom flailing her arms way out in the ocean.

Wow! I never knew she was such a good swimmer. But slowly my expression changed as the truth dawned on me. My mom was drowning In the ocean. I started to panic - what if I lost my mom forever. I wanted to reverse time and do something that would not put her in this position. I felt helpless. Sure my mom was mean at times but she was also loving most of the time.

I closed my eyes and pinched myself hoping that it was a dream, Of course, it was not. I could see that the man and the boy had by now become aware of my mom’s plight. The man began surfing towards her.

What was he doing? The next thing I knew the man had scooped up my mom with his arm and was inching slowly towards the shore while paddling parallel to it. I had to take several moments to catch my breath. Just a few minutes ago, this guy was being inappropriate and loud, but now here he was standing as a savior. My heart was beating so fast even though I had been sitting there the whole time. I  turned towards the surfer-guy to thank him, but he was already gone.