Warriors Battling Danger: Part 1

Jun 13, 2020 By Jerrick, 10
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Greg lived in a very wealthy family because his dad owned a gigantic antibiotics company.

Two years ago in 2020, he was diagnosed with coronavirus and suffered at home for four days before entering a hospital and finally fully recovering. Thankfully, a vaccine was invented in 2021, so his family was free to travel again.

One day, he asked his Dad, “It is the year 2022, and there is still no time machine yet?”

His dad responded with a smirk: “Boy, you know, my company and Global Technologies built an antibiotic-powered time machine. “Weird, huh” It hasn’t been tested yet, but we can still try it out.”

“Can I try this cool machine you made right now?” Greg pleaded.

“Fine, I’ll drive you to my company’s headquarters.”

“Thanks, Dad. Greg answered happily.”

[2:00 P.M., Worthington Antibiotics Factory, London, England] 

“Well, here it is son, let's step inside, shall we?”

“Ok!” Greg chirped.

Once they stepped inside the diamond contraption, Dad asked, “Ready?”

“Ready,” Greg anxiously answered.

Before Greg stepped into the machine, he noticed three odd objects on the shiny bejeweled floor. All of them looked the same: oval-shaped and red and white-colored. He picked them up and put them into his navy silk jacket pocket without knowing what they were. Dad started to crank the time to the year 1348-1349.

The items in his pocket started to feel weird as they were transported back to medieval London. His family had a very long, rich history. They were time-traveling back to meet their great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, ancestors, who were two rich noblemen who lived in London. They had no idea what danger would overcome them in those two ancient years. 

[London, England, 1348]

“Wow, medieval Europe looks so cool!” Greg exclaimed. 

“Indeed, son,” Dad answered. Ahead, they saw a gigantic mansion that covered probably one-fourth of London. Dad and Greg tiptoed to the giant mansion with tall, muscular armed guards swarming all over it. When the pair entered the dark stone gates, three guards marched forward and asked, “Who are you?”

”I would like to meet Mr. Worthington,  please.” 

Another gorilla-sized guard shuffled over carrying two gleaming silver swords and said in a gruff voice, “Mr. and Mrs. Worthington, eh, there they are.” We thanked the guards and rushed off to the distinguished-looking, middle-aged couple.

“Who are you?” the gentleman asked gruffly, “We didn’t invite you to come to our property!”

“I don’t need permission to go on your old fashioned property. I am Richard Worthington, your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great-grandson, and this is my eldest son, Gregory Worthington.”

[Continued in Part 2...]