The Week I Landed On Mars

Feb 11, 2015 By Flash, 13
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Have you ever wanted to go to the NASA Space Academy for Kids? Well I have, but I never thought that I could until last year when we went to on holiday to visit some cousins in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

When I first heard that we were going to the U.S. I immediately started sulking. “Why can’t we go to Hawaii, it’s nice and hot there, plus I want to learn how to surf.” but my parents just said “well we’re going to America, besides we’ve already booked the tickets.”

So we went and, to be honest, it was quite fun really. Then it happened. The phone rang. It turned out it was my wealthy cousins who, knowing that I wanted to go to the NASA Space Academy for Kids, had paid for me to go.

So I went and the space commanders put us in groups and told us to choose a leader and a name. They didn’t pick me to be the leader though which was a pity. Instead the team picked this other guy who had really beefy arms and a cool hair style. Then they showed us where we ate and where we slept .The next day we went on this cool thingy that demonstrates centrifugal force. It was quite cool really, although some people didn’t like it, I mean wouldn’t you if you just barfed as soon as you were strapped in?

Anyway, I passed the test with flying colours (Which means I didn’t throw up.)  After that they showed us the simulators and how they worked. Then they taught us how to land on the Moon and Mars and some of the other planets. They put us in the simulators and told us to choose a planet and try and land there. I chose Mars but I burnt up in the atmosphere. That was by far the best thing that happened out of the whole week, the rest of the week was quite boring because they just taught us how to program robots and some other stuff.

The next day at my cousins’ house I woke up when the alarm clock went off, I sat up suddenly, and pulled at the blankets, which seemed to have tried to run away and fallen of in the night and I realised that I didn’t want to become a pro surfer but an astronaut and to be the first one to walk on the surface of Mars.

Since then I’ve read as many books as I can on Mars and space exploration. I’ve also subscribed for emails from NASA and the European space agency and know just about every inch of Richard Branson’s rocket that is going to send tourists to space.