Deepa Gopal, Founder & President

Deepa left her decades-long career in engineering to start Youngzine in 2010. She was motivated by her then 10-year old son’s desire to know about current events, and the lack of a clean, child friendly site that met his needs. Having lived in three different countries and managed projects with worldwide teams, Deepa has experienced globalization first-hand. She believes that as our world gets increasingly interconnected, we are coming together as one large human family. And with that, comes the responsibility of preparing our children for such a future -- to build skills such as curiosity, critical thinking and empathy, so that they can appreciate this interconnectedness, understand their responsibilities and and learn to view issues from different perspectives. What drives Deepa everyday is the reminder from her grandfather when she was young -- "Read the newspaper. Only when you are informed, can you make a difference in the world."

Anita Ramachandran, Secretary

Anita, has made a career in the high octane world of portfolio management - Venture Capital and Hedge funds for over 18 years. Five years ago, as the mother of a curious 10-year old, she realized that children need to stay informed about the world they live in, and be able to transcend classroom learning to see its practical applicability, as they can evolve to be better thinkers and decision makers. To her, Youngzine is that perfect medium to impart the information to make this transition happen - not just for her own child but for others as well. Financial learning is seldom offered to kids in a structured learning environment. Anita believes that this critical subject can be taught in a subtle non threatening way by exploring relevant issues as they happen in the world around us.

Aarathi Ganapathy, Contributor

Aarathi, a self proclaimed book worm, is a voracious reader with a penchant for languages. She is a commerce graduate who holds an MBA in Finance, but she strangely (yet proudly too!), has a soft corner for History and Literature, rather than the Financial Times! Aarathi relates to the curiosity of children and their feelings, and this very challenge of balancing simplicity with eloquence finds her firmly in love with Youngzine! She lives in Mumbai with her husband.

Sri Subramaniam, Tech Contributor

Sri is a Silicon Valley geek who believes in making positive changes in the world through technology. When his wife Deepa started Youngzine, he jumped on the opportunity to help her with setting up the web site in his spare time. Sri believes that our kids are much smarter and much more capable of absorbing more of the world around them than we think, and is passionate about stretching their boundaries.