A Call From A Gecko!

Oct 10, 2018 By iridescent
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At Kei Kai Ola Hospital, a marine mammal center that takes care of monk seals in Hawaii, Dr. Claire Simeon began to receive calls on her phone, one after another.

After receiving around a dozen, she headed back into the hospital to make sure everything was okay and find the culprit.

When she arrived at the laboratory, crawling on the phone was a small Hawaiian gecko walking all over the touchscreen pad, making calls to people. Dr. Simeon assured the others that nothing was wrong and even posted a picture of the gecko on her Twitter account, with the internet melting from this adorable act!

These tiny visitors are common in Hawaii, along with various small insects. Geckos, however, are not native to the remote Hawaiian islands. These reptiles made their way across when humans colonized the islands and came aboard canoes and ships. Some species were smuggled illegally or brought as pets, and released in the wild. With the hospitable weather, they have been flourishing and growing since.