What is Youngzine?

Youngzine is an online new magazine that brings current events to children in a simple and unbiased manner with the appropriate context.

Is there an age group that Youngzine caters to?

Youngzine is a website for school age children. We do not restrict to any age group, and it can go from late elementary school to high school as long as the child is able to understand and derive value from the site.

Where does Youngzine get their content from?

All feature length articles in Youngzine are written by the editors after extensive research. We use current events to connect concepts children learn in classrooms to events happening around the world. We do not take any biased position and encourage children to form their own opinions. All videos and pictures on the site are suitable for children.

How frequently is the content updated?

Youngzine's feature length articles are updated every week, along with videos and UWrites submitted by our young readers. Smaller news bites that we call "News Flash" are updated several times a week. 

Are external websites referenced in the articles safe for kids?

We make every attempt to point to websites that have good, clean content for children. We do not control where the child may navigate after leaving Youngzine site and recommend that all content filters you have for your child stay in place.

How do you ensure that comments and article submissions are appropriate?

All comments and submissions will be vetted by the editorial team to remove anything that may be inappropriate for children.

If your child wishes to write an article, they (or you) could contact us with the topic and we will send them some suggested guidelines. Articles will be reviewed by the Youngzine team and we will encourage the child with feedback. Submissions do not guarantee publication.

Why should I register to join Youngzine?

Registered users will be allowed to submit comments and articles such as movie/book reviews, travelogues or anything else children can think of. We will use your email address to send you a newsletter when new content is posted on the site, or to send password information if you have forgotten yours. We will not use the email addresses for any other purpose.

How can I as a parent contribute?

If you can write objective articles at the level children understand, we would love to hear from you. And of course, we continuously look for feedback from you that will help us improve the experience.