Board / Advisory Board


Deepa Gopal, Founder & CEO

Yuanyuan Sun, Operations

John Henitz, Board Member

John joined Youngzine’s advisory board in March 2017.  He considers himself a kid at heart and was drawn to Youngzine because of their journalistic integrity and exceptional content. As a new father, he is even more passionate to further promote Youngzine and the growing importance of their mission.

John brings a diverse background over 20 years of business & leadership experience. He currently works in business development at Apple.  Prior to his current role, John served in multiple different leadership roles in customer experience & partnership (Apple), supply chain & IT (IBM) and as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. 

John earned a BS in accounting from The College of New Jersey and an MBA from the University of California - Berkeley.  While he is originally from New Jersey, he and his family currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.   John loves playing competitive soccer, Crossfit and spending time w/ his family. 


Michael Mastrandrea, Advisory Board Member

Michael Mastrandrea is a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science on Stanford University campus, where he works on understanding climate risks and the design and implementation of climate and energy policy. Previously, he was part of the leadership team for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a global report on climate change science and policy options for world governments. He currently sits on the Editorial Board and is a managing editor for the scientific journal Climatic Change. 

Michael holds a Ph.D. from Stanford's Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources and a BS in Biological Sciences from Stanford.


Meera Ramachandran, Advisory Board Member

Meera has been a STEM enthusiast all her life and is passionate about educating students to ask the right questions and make decisions based on sound evidence and reasoning. Meera earned her Masters in Physics from India and has a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. She has been teaching Science at Milpitas Unified School District for over 14 years and enjoys the opportunity to shape the thinking of the future generation and spark their curiosity and love for knowledge. 

When she is not looking for ways to come up with labs that demonstrate scientific phenomena, Meera is either reading, hiking, traveling, or watching sports and has recently entered the world of crochet. She is also interested in learning about the environmentally friendly practices of ancient cultures. Meera loves that Youngzine presents quality content on a wide variety of topics and that it is free of distractions for students. She hopes to help Youngzine become the go-to website for young people around the world.


Figen Ezer, Advisory Board Member

Figen is an Accounting Manager who worked for several companies in Turkey, Australia, and the USA. She is always amazed at how diversity and different cultures bring valuable characteristics to the work environment. She is always inspired by the people who dedicate themselves to improve our society and our environment and make the world a better place for our children. She wants to use her skills and experience in any way she can to support non-profit companies that promote these values.

Figen earned a BA in Economics from Bogazici University in Turkey and passed the CPA exam in the USA. She is a mother of two children who are both in college studying Theater, Environmental Science, and Psychology. She loves traveling, reading, and cooking traditional Turkish food when the mood strikes.