Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Knovation delivers standards-based, personalized, digital content solutions. The Knovation product portfolio includes icurio, the flagship digital curriculum content solution for personalized learning, netTrekker Search, the company’s legacy educational search product and igotta, the personalized student workspace solution.

Founded in 1999, Knovation’s legacy platform, netTrekker Search, is widely recognized as the leading standards-based educational search tool and currently serves millions of students in thousands of K-12 public and private schools across U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Visit Knovation for more information.


Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader 360 engages K12 students in independent and close reading practice. They complete close reading activities built into nonfiction articles, choose their own independent reading books, and take short reading comprehension quizzes. Students work toward personalized reading goals and grow! To learn more, visit Renaissance


A non-profit organization, Curriki is the leading K-12 global community for teachers, students and parents to create, share, and find open learning resources that improve teacher effectiveness and student outcomes. Curriki helps bridge the Education Divide by providing free and open resources to teachers who need them most. As a global community, Curriki encourages collaboration of diverse experiences from around the world to develop “best of breed” learning resources (peer-reviewed and classroom tested) and to create a culture of continuous improvement.To find learning resources, visit Curriki.


MES Publishing based in Oregon, has launched a series of highly interactive digital books for the iPad - Crack The Books. Easily adjustable reading levels and built-in tests allow parents to customize books to match their child's reading abilities. Crack the Books has partnered with Youngzine to feature Youngzine's non-fiction content to enhance the learning experience of the Crack the Books users. Visit Crack the Books to learn more.