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"Youngzine’s Interactive News Content for Young Audiences Now Integrated with Knovation’s Personalized Learning Solutions.. Until now, access to news and current events through netTrekker Search and icurio came solely through links to various newspapers and other mainstream news feeds."

-- Knovation - May 22, 2012

Youngzine makes it to the Top 100 Educational sites of 2012 on, Top 4 under References and News
-- - Jan 12, 2012

"The web may be an almost unlim­ited source of infor­ma­tion how­ever, .. just try­ing to find mate­r­ial that is writ­ten in a clear, con­cise man­ner com­pre­hen­si­ble by a Grade 7 or 8 stu­dent can be dif­fi­cult. That’s where (Youngzine) can help... The site is attrac­tive, easy to nav­i­gate and free of ads. The arti­cles are well writ­ten, pre­sented in a rel­a­tively even handed man­ner and acces­si­ble by young peo­ple"
-- DE Tools of the Trade - Oct 7, 2011

"For elementary school or middle school teachers looking for current events materials that will suit their students' reading abilities, Youngzine could be a great resource. Youngzine also offers students the option to contribute their own reporting in the U-Write section"
-- Free Technology For Teachers - Sep 29, 2011

"Smart kids crave breaking news. They are a natural audience — intelligent, curious, fascinated by the story, able to assimilate facts and associate ideas at cyberspeed. And they live with one foot in the online world."
-- Blogs - Aug 28, 2011

"Looking for a child-friendly news source online? Youngzine may be just the ticket...This online news publication features current news and more -- all written for kids, with kids invited to take part in the conversations.This looks like a great resource for homeschoolers!"
-- - Mar 23, 2011

"Looking for a current events site for kids? Check out Youngzine... students are able to read current events articles, comment on those articles, and even submit some of their own writing to the site..A unique defining feature is the students' ability to earn points as they use the site.."
-- The Penguins' Slide - Mar 22, 2011

"January Gold Star goes to Deepa Gopal...Youngzine, which also publishes articles contributed by kids, can be used as a resource to supplement classroom instruction in language arts, social studies or science. It can also be used as a Current Event homeroom morning warm-up, or as an end-of-the-day culminating activity."
-- The Teacher's Desk - Jan 1, 2011 (one of Washington Post 2010 Best Education Blogs)

"I can always be assured that my students are safe and learning about current events the way they learn best;through online content filled with interactivity and multi-media. My students like "Youngzine" day because they can ... find the current events that appeal to them."
-- Talking Tech with Robin - Dec 20, 2010

"Youngzine is a great demonstration of how a child’s needs can motivate his or her parents to create amazing educational opportunities that benefit everyone!"
-- Free Online News for Children 8-15 - Diane Keith's ClickSchooling - Sept 22, 2010


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