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Have you ever been impressed by a child’s insightful question? Often, when we think young learners are not listening, they are. More importantly, their youthful sense of curiosity means they are actively working to find ways to make meaning of what they see and hear. Education at its best satiates this curiosity and prepares learners to engage meaningfully with the world around them. For educators and parents, Gale’s Kids InfoBits has been a strong partner in this mission and we are pleased to announce that Gale has partnered with Youngzine to bring new content to Kids InfoBits to better support young, curious learners. Gale Blog Post 

Youngzine is an excellent resource for anyone who needs ideas for current events lessons in an elementary school or middle school classroom. Youngzine articles feature a mix of news, sports, and entertainment stories for students. A new edition is published weekly. Most articles on Youngzine are accompanied by a supporting video. Articles that reference locations include a map so that students can quickly identify the setting for a story. Richard Bryne, Ed-tech blogger 

With new articles each week, Youngzine is another great resource for texts to share with students. On this current events website you can find articles under science, technology and history categories. There are often maps, related resources, and videos to explore with each article. Dr. Monica Burns, Educator, Author, Ed-Tech consultant 

Youngzine is an online News Magazine for school-age children. It provides an educational, entertaining, yet safe way for kids (and adults) to get the latest news from around the world. The Creative Librarian

Homeschoolers and people with kids who are interested in current events might enjoy dropping by Youngzine, a website touted as “news for the young”. It features current events, science, the arts and much more, all in a very kid-friendly atmosphere that you would be happy to send the kids to for information. Even if you’re just looking for a way to keep the kids occupied and “learning” in this last week before most of them go back to school, Youngzine will keep them coming back long after school begins! The Carleton Place Public Library Blog

Now that our three children are all over age ten, we discuss current events more often than before – usually around the dinner table. Older tweens and teens will naturally want to interact with the headlines on their own, so find a source you trust, and feel they can handle. I like Youngzine as a starting point, an online news magazine for children. Jamie C Martin in the E-book “Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time, homeschooling parent

Youngzine is a child-centered website that provides articles, images, and videos about world news, science and technology, society and arts, movies, and books. School-age children are encouraged to respond to the content and may submit articles, short stories and book reviews. All content is reviewed by Youngzine’s editors and updated every two weeks. Grades K-8. Dutchtown Elementary School, GA, 5th grade Academics

I like discussing current events with my kids.  So once a week, they pick something from Youngzine to read about and then we discuss it while we take a walk.  Youngzine is an ad-free online magazine where kids can read about world events, science, technology, and the arts.  There are also comics, videos, and contests.  Articles are kid-friendly but very informative. Plethora Homeschool

YOUNGZINE is a website sharing current news and events for school-aged children. Librarians will find this resource provides both excellent content as well as an opportunity to involve students in real-world writing activities. Encourage teachers to set up their own classroom accounts to extend the experience. Teacher Librarians

There’s good news for educators looking for safe online sites with quality content for their students. Youngzine is a child-friendly online news source with excellent subject matter designed for upper elementary to high school students. The original educational news articles and accompanying media provide a wonderful springboard for current events discussions. American Association of School Librarians 


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