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From Homeschools

"One of the things I have always been searching for is a news site that is appropriate for kids. I recently found Youngzine and think that it may be the answer."

-- The Crafty Crow - Aug 27, 2012


"I am really impressed with the website Deepa created due to her 11-year-old son’s interest in current events and the lack of a child-friendly site that met his needs"

-- Homeschool Buyers Coop - Nov, 2010


"I have searched for months and months to find something which would be useful for our family, and Youngzine provides exactly what I want!!! At long last, our eldest is able to read current affairs -- in a safe environment. I'm not having to panic about what articles might be included because it is meeting the level of it's target audience -- unlike paper newspapers, or television news, etc."
-- Romankids Homeschool Academy Blog - Oct 28, 2010


"I am the mother of 2 new subscribers. I was so impressed when I went to your site. I immediately sent your link and the description to our teachers and vice principal of our online school...Thank you for a site that informs but does not talk down to students"
-- Home School Mom


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