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From Parents

"I think it's a terrific idea! I keep telling my kids they need to be plugged in and aware of what's happening in the world. But they find newspapers boring. I like the fact that Youngzine is interactive."
-- Mother

"I am ever so thankful to you for all the hours my son spends on Youngzine than on some inane cartoon network site!!! He loves Youngzine."
-- Mother

"Great effort!! Lives up to the promise of being a source of news that is without any bias and is engaging at the same time!"
-- Father

"I have wanted my 8 year old daughter to be up on news and events. She asks, but the general news is obviously not geared towards kids. I SO love this idea. Thank you!!!"
-- Mother

"The website is really well-done. The UI is great and I love the interactive part. It doesn't 'talk down' to children at all which is what I like best about it."
-- Tech Professional

"I have been looking for a news site for kids and they are so hard to find!!",
"There is a strong need for this kind of site"
-- Many parents

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