Deepa Gopal, Founder and CEO

Deepa left her decades-long career in engineering to start Youngzine in 2010. She was motivated by her then 10-year old son’s desire to know about current events, and the lack of a clean, child friendly site that met his needs. She believes that as our world gets increasingly interconnected and interdependent, it is important to prepare our children for such a future -- to build 21st century skills such as curiosity, critical thinking and empathy, so that they can appreciate this interconnectedness, learn to view issues from different perspectives, and understand their responsibilities as global citizens. Deepa lives in Bay Area, CA and loves reading, watching historical and nature documentaries, traveling, yoga and hiking. 

Yuanyuan Sun, Technology and Operations

I am passionate about education, and about the power of technology to improve our society. Personally, I believe that a good education is one of the fundamental necessities that kids need to move upwards. That is why after working for 20 years in technology companies, I started my volunteer "career". I mentored 7th and 8th grade students through the WeTeachScience program, and for the past three years have been facilitating GirlsWhoCode clubs in local high schools. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening and cooking, watching movies and documentaries, traveling and appreciating the wonder of the nature and experiencing different cultures. 

Rachel Kenney, Editor

Rachel is an undergraduate student at New Mexico State University, double-majoring in Elementary Education and History. Her ultimate career goal is to teach middle school social studies, or to be an educational coordinator at a history museum. Rachel’s involvement with Youngzine allows her to combine her love of writing with her passion for making knowledge of current events more accessible to a younger audience. She thinks Youngzine is the perfect place for young people to not only learn about the world around them, but think critically and discuss ideas with other bright young minds. Aside from writing for Youngzine, Rachel is an avid historical fiction reader, a reluctant runner, and a listener to any and all music. Rachel lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Sri Subramaniam, Tech Advisor

Sri is a Silicon Valley geek who believes in making positive changes in the world through technology. When his wife Deepa started Youngzine, he jumped on the opportunity to help her with setting up the web site in his spare time. Sri believes that our kids are much smarter and much more capable of absorbing more of the world around them than we think, and is passionate about stretching their boundaries.