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From Children

"Thanks for creating the best site for kids on earth!"
-- 12-year old

"Hey youngzine I lovvveee this website you guys are awsssooommmeee. Start making more articles!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!"
-- 10-year old

"I think Youngzine is a really cool site...I think you guys are doing an amazing job with keeping us updated about the real world. Great job. Its great."
-- 13-year old

"I love your site's educational benefits! My mom love it, too! :)"
-- 14-year old

"Thank you for making up all of this. Whoever did it is amazing. All of the stories.. I just love it all the time. When I have free time at home I am either watching TV or I am on Youngzine.... It's so cool that even my brother wants a profile. Thank you."
-- 11-year old

"This website contains tons of useful knowledge! I love learning more about what interests me! And Youngzine gives me the chance to do that!"
-- 14-year old

"I like your new website. It gives kids a heads up on what is happening in the world without reading the Wall Street Journal. Hope you post new articles regularly"
-- 12-year old

"I am a 12 year old homeschool student. I have always been interested in writing, and I look forward to being able to submit something. I also love reading the World News section. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful web site!!"
-- 12-year old

"Youngzine is a place where kids can get away from the drama of school and just expand more on things they find interesting! Thanks for everything! :)!"
-- 14-year old

"The articles chosen were interesting and important. I am glad I had the opportunity to read them. BTW, the games are cool! :)"
-- 13-year old

"You guys are the BEST. Whenever I need news, to watch, or just to goof off, you guys are the best. Keep in touch"
-- 11-year old

"I like everything about Youngzine. To the quizzes, to the games, to the.. well, everything. It is so fun. I like Youngzine because it is a place where you can have fun with learning"
-- 12-year old

"Wow...... That's just all I can say. Its pretty cool but... Wow"
"Really really really!!!!!!!! awesome! I love animals all together!!! The world is just so amazing! Great article!"
"This is crazy awesome ! One of my favorite Youngzine articles . Made my jaw legit drop."
"Great story for such a young age! Keep writing you have gift and are meant to share it with the world! GREAT JOB!"
-- Various childrens' comments on articles


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