The Future Is In Your Hands

Apr 11, 2017 By Renee-Wang
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What do you see for the future? This was the theme for this year’s Doodle4Google art competition, open to aspiring artists from kindergarten to 12th grade.

This contest has drawn students from all over the United States and its territories to submit their doodle for their visions of the future.

Google chose the theme for this year’s competition because it believes technology is an essential building block towards a better future. This year’s winner is Sarah Harrison, from Connecticut, with her inspiring digitally illustrated doodle.

I Hope For…A Peaceful Future

Artist Sarah Harrison cites ongoing tensions among communities worldwide as inspiration for her drawing. “A Peaceful Future” features a united group of people hugging and laughing. The artist includes people with disabilities, people of different races and religions, as well as people with different sexualities.

However, this lighthearted drawing has a deeper underlying meaning – that a future in which we all respect and get along with one another is definitely achievable.

Sarah’s doodle will not only be featured on Google’s homepage, but she will also receive a $30,000 college scholarship as well as a $50,000 technology donation to her school.

Be the Change!

Doodle4Google is held yearly in the United States and worldwide as well. Entries must feature Google’s logo and a variety of mediums are accepted – painting, drawing, mixed media, digital illustrations and more! Be sure to look out for the contest in 2018!