Harriet Tubman's Cabin Discovered

Apr 30, 2021 By Miyabi K.
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Archaeologists have discovered the site of Harriet Tubman’s family cabin. The home was owned by Ben Ross, the father of Harriet Tubman.

This site was discovered in Dorchester County, Maryland. Archaeologists knew the approximate area of where this cabin was placed but could not find the exact remains of the cabin. Along with the remains of the cabin, a few artifacts like coins, nails, and buttons were found.

Harriet Tubman was born in 1822 to slave parents. She had eight siblings but was forced to separate, a reality for slaves back then. From a young age, Harriet went through emotional and physical trauma on the plantation. She was often whipped which left permanent scars on her body.

When Harriet was 12, she saw that a plantation owner was about to throw a heavy lead weight on a fugitive slave. Harriet intervened and the weight ended up striking her head. She was left with chronic pain in her head and had side effects for the rest of her life. 

In 1849, she escaped the plantation along with a few of her family members through the Underground Railroad. Although she attained freedom, she was not satisfied. She wanted to help more slaves escape to freedom. During her lifetime, she personally helped around seventy people escape to freedom and taught many more how to escape. She committed the rest of her life to fighting slavery. To this day, she is remembered as a true hero.

This newly discovered home is believed to have housed Harriet in her childhood and teenage years. Historians and archaeologists have been on the lookout for this house for decades. This discovery gives us an opportunity to learn more about Harriet and her life.

Source: NY Times, Guardian, History.com


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Very interesting that they found Ben Ross’s Cabin where Harriet Tubman grew up.