A Hotel Out Of This World... Literally!

Apr 12, 2018 By mayakeskar
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By 2022, you could be spending your vacations in a space hotel created by Orion Span... if you can afford a whopping $9.5 million dollars! 

Orion Span, a space technology startup, plans to start building the Aurora Station next year. This will be built in Houston, Texas but not at NASA's facility.

The hotel will be in the shape of a cylinder so that it can be accommodated inside a rocket. It will hold four guests as well as two crew members, who are former astronauts. One of the crew members will be trained in space medicine.

While in space, the Aurora Station will finish an orbit every hour and a half, which means guests will be able to experience 16 sunrises and sunsets in 24 hours. The interior of the hotel is inspired by Ikea design, free of clutter and controls. The goal is for the hotel to be modern and clean, as well as, high end. The orbiting hotel will be equipped with WiFi, a Virtual Reality experience, and much more.

Guests can spend twelve days in low-Earth orbit, and the fee will include launch into space and in-hotel services. Believe it or not, this launch to 200 miles above Earth is cheaper than those from other companies. A trip on a rocket to the ISS costs more than 40 million dollars. Orion is already taking reservations and you can get on the waiting list for $80,000 per person. Of course, would-be guests have to undergo a 3-month training in zero gravity. Interested?

Source: Space.com, Guardian