Italians Share A Little Joy

Mar 24, 2020 By Ira G, Writer
Ira Gupta's picture

The spread of COVID-19, a contagious respiratory disease, has caused chaos around the world. Italy is a country with one of the strictest nationwide lockdowns in the world.

Restaurants, bars, and schools have been closed for the public’s health and safety. Italians were told not to leave their homes unless it was for work or necessary essentials. Police cars patrol the streets, giving fines to people who are outside without a valid reason. 

During the weekend, however, Italians found joy in a simple and shared act. They started singing and playing music from their rooftops and balconies!

Residents sang their national anthem proudly, demonstrating their spirit and resilience even through tough times. People gradually joined in with instruments such as the piano, trumpets, violins, and even just clanging pots and pans together!

Italians say they did this to show thanks to the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who are fighting COVID-19 at the front lines with great courage. It is important to know that even in these trying times, we can still be happy!

Sources: NYTimes, YouTube