King Charles Releases A Book

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As the U.K. prepares for the coronation of King Charles, we look at another side of him. Earlier this year, the King released a book called Climate Change: A Ladybird Book.

In the book, King Charles writes about climate change in simple terms that a middle schooler can understand. According to the BBC, biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history. One of the main reasons? Humans.

According to a study by the United Nations, the need to support the growing human population leads to the overexploitation of animals, plants, and other organisms. This contributes to the Earth’s degradation and the 437 hectares of trees that were deforested. 

One of the reasons this book is directed at young people is because the King is struck by the passion among them to learn the facts and stand up for our planet. By writing this book and creating press around it, King Charles is raising awareness about the amount of fossil fuels we use and the overfarming of land for food. He has hosted several world leaders, politicians, and activists at Buckingham Palace, who showed up to support His Majesty's book.  

King Charles continues to inspire the older and younger generations alike as he paves a clearer path of what humans need to do together to preserve the Earth.

Source: BBC