Mulan Comes To Disney

Sep 9, 2020 By Miyabi K
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The live-action film, Mulan, has finally released on Disney+ on September 4th after a delay due to the coronavirus.

Mulan is the story of a girl who takes the place of her sick father and enters the Chinese military by pretending to be a boy. She then transforms into a powerful warrior.  The original Mulan movie was made in 1998 and her story inspired millions of children worldwide. Mulan was also the first-ever Asian Disney Princess.

Disney has created many live-action remakes including, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Alice in Wonderland."  

Live-action remakes create a sense of nostalgia for people who grew up watching their favorite Disney movies in animated form. The new Mulan movie has created a sense of hope during these hard times where everyone feels lonely and is stuck at home. The movie allows people to fondly look back to old memories.

However, live-action remakes have received some criticism, as some say the newer versions of the original movie tend to exclude some parts of the original story. The new Mulan movie has received some complaints about the lack of appearance of fan-favorite character, Mushu.  Nevertheless, Disney fans and Mulan fans have enjoyed the journey of going back in time through the live-action Mulan movie.

Have you watched either of the Mulan movies? If so, which do you prefer?

Sources: BBC


EstherL249's picture
EstherL249 October 3, 2020 - 9:10am
If you read the summary about the 1988 version, she disguises herself as a man. If you look at the remake movie poster, she doesn't even disguise herself. I know she is supposed to look "tough," but it just doesn't stick to the 1988 version.
smalltiger's picture
smalltiger September 15, 2020 - 2:19am
I loved the movie
Brooklyn121's picture
Brooklyn121 September 11, 2020 - 7:47am
i cant wait to see this new movie
Trent's picture
Trent September 11, 2020 - 6:16am
It sounds like a good movie but they took out some of the songs, changed the whole story for the movie and she doesn't even look like a guy that's how she got in in the first place. So then again the story is just about women are better than men. No we are all equal.
GREY_HAWK731's picture
GREY_HAWK731 September 10, 2020 - 1:56pm
that sounds like a good movie
YaNOOBZ's picture
YaNOOBZ September 10, 2020 - 1:10pm
Vicky's picture
Vicky September 9, 2020 - 9:35pm
I'm pretty sure they also received criticism because of the actors.