Mummy Or Alien? Mystery Solved

Apr 4, 2018 By mayakeskar
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After a small mummified body was found, scientists in Chile believed it was an alien. It was given the name “Ata,” inspired by the Atacama Desert where the remains were found.

The body has quite unique features including a head with a point, large eye sockets, and bones mature enough for a six-year-old. The mummy traveled to many areas for research including Barcelona. But new information has come to light that “Ata” is indeed a human infant body.

This discovery had led to an investigation regarding smuggling and grave robbing. The Chilean National Monuments Council has questioned whether the body was obtained illegally in the early 2000s and smuggled out of Chile.

Later, the Public Ministry of Chile concluded that the mummified body was taken from the grave site. This is a violation of Chilean laws. Grave robbing goes against the ethics of the country and its people. It can offend the girl’s family as well as the Chilean heritage (Santana-Sagredo). Another opinion stated that there was no information leading to the conclusion that the body was stolen and taken from its rightful place.

Either way, the finding has revealed that mutations in Ata's genes caused the malformations and bone growth, and she probably died soon after birth or was stillborn.