A New Kind Of Tattoo!

Apr 7, 2017 By mayakeskar
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Imagine controlling a mobile device or computer with the touch of a colorful tattoo on your arm. This creation is more than just a dream, it has come to life.

The MIT Media Lab along with Microsoft Research have created a project named DuoSkin. This innovation uses temporary tattoos that function as controllers and can be used in numerous ways.

DuoSkin has three primary uses. The tattoo can transform the user’s skin into a trackpad or slider to be able to control computers or mobile devices that are connected. The tattoos are capable of bringing soft displays on the skin that can change their color depending on the user’s skin temperature. As a communication interface, tattoos can hold data that can be wirelessly detected by devices -- such as login access.

The material being used to make these intricate temporary tattoos is a gold metal leaf. Gold metal leaf is a cheap material that is safe for the skin and can be used for daily wear. This material is a great conductor for heat, allowing the signal to pass through.

In some recent applications, L’Oreal partnered with a sensor maker and a design firm and came out with a wearable patch called the My UV Patch. You apply this patch on your skin like any other sticker and leave it on for three to five days. The patch measures the UV rays using sensors and lets a person know whether they are getting too much or too little of sunlight.

It will be very interesting to see what advances will be made in the world of wearable technology!