Pokémon Go: Home Owners Complain!

Feb 20, 2019 By iridescent
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Niantic’s wildly popular app Pokémon Go is marketed as a real-life version of Pocket Monsters, a famous Japanese franchise.

With the app, users can travel to different locations to catch Pokémon-- with each location containing Pokémon with varying degrees of rarity.

Two of the most important functions in the game are Pokéstops, where players can spin for rewards (such as refilling Pokéballs that will allow them to catch more Pokémon) and gyms, places where players are allowed to battle monsters.

Pokémon Go’s initial release caused people to swarm certain locations in search of rare Pokémon, causing traffic jams and disturbances to various neighborhoods. Since the introduction of the app, many people have had Pokéstops and gyms placed near their homes. During raids (battles), which require groups of people, the surrounding area can quickly become chaotic and noisy. With Pokéstops, people also trespassing onto private property in attempt to claim a reward.

The people affected by the app have filed a lawsuit, demanding an $1,000 compensation for each household and a relocation of these Pokéstops. Niantic has responded by agreeing to a 15 day response time for complaints and a relocation of Pokéstops that cause disturbance to nearby residents.