Animal Welfare - Part 2

Feb 11, 2013 By Miradeaux, 12
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Vegetarianism can be a very controversial subject. Many people are vegetarians, for many reasons. Perhaps they don’t like the idea of eating animals, maybe it makes them feel sick (or they just don’t like the taste!). There are many reasons to become a vegetarian or a vegan.

Now, I am a meat-eater, but I make sure to buy only from places that treated the animal nicely before killing them humanely.

Most meat-factories nowadays use very inhumane ways to treat and kill the cows, chickens, and pigs. I don’t know much about it, but I will say that it needs to stop. The main reason for this, as for many cruel things, is money. It’s much more expensive to raise up a cow with care than it is to simply stick it in a cage, stuff it with hormones and then kill it.How can we fix this?

Good question!

Right now, the factories are much stronger than us (especially as we are children!). But, if everyone helps, it’s very much possible that in a few years, the vast majority of farms will be free-range and the animals will have been healthy and happy!

This is just an opinion of mine, but I think telling people to be vegetarians is actually not the way to go about it! It’s not possible that everybody will turn vegan or vegetarian, so it’s much better to get straight to the center. It’s true that if most people stop eating meat, the meat factories may run out of business, but it’s also true that the majority of people will probably keep eating meat - and may even be turned off by vegans.

There are better ways to help stop cruelty. Maybe you could start a petition, or an anti-cruelty organization, or just join one (I recommend the Humane Society!). Any way you can help, does help! Just as a tip, though - people generally prefer optimistic, but realistic, to depressing and shocking.

(Another note: Nothing I said here was meant to attack vegans or vegetarians. If you felt offended by anything I said, please let me know!)


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4Bs February 6, 2016 - 10:50am

I'm vegan, so I don't eat meat and I don't cook with dairy. (I eat cheese pizza) I own chickens and Love animals, I think animals should be kept not for food but for company and love.

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El-Miracle Akpan April 5, 2015 - 6:32am

Great article;you are right about this.I support the motion that we should stop inhumane killing of animals.

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nutsag March 5, 2015 - 2:37am

I kind of love the sounds of hens and chikens make but
from not them but from other people

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phineus11122223... December 8, 2014 - 10:34am

love this story i toatlly agree i only eat vegetubles

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Tressa November 25, 2013 - 10:04am

Great article!!
I eat meat myself, but I would agree that people could at least give the animal a decent life before they kill it anyways.

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Neha12 November 17, 2015 - 6:08pm

I am in the same opinion...I like meat.

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dolphingirl March 18, 2013 - 4:12pm

great article! Animal cruelty is a big problem.

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supernova February 22, 2013 - 5:31pm
Great job. I think it's important people are aware of this.
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Neha12 November 17, 2015 - 6:09pm

Yes, I didn't have much background knowledge before reading this article.

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checkmate February 18, 2013 - 12:43pm
for more on this watch the documentary food inc. it was very enlightening
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Kittycat February 11, 2013 - 3:50pm

i feel so sad for the animals! I am mostly vegetarian, but eat meat sometimes. I am also against animal cruelty and wish i could help!

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adella February 12, 2013 - 4:07pm

Don't worry fuzzuzzle. I do not want to make people feel bad about themselves, or insulted. I f I did something with kids it would just be to let kids know what is happening. Thanks for your feed back on the subject though. I have never heard of PETA before.:-)

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adella February 13, 2013 - 6:24am
No, I don't know of any books. Sorry! But really, Jamie Oliver is a great person to look up. He has a lot of videos on YouTube.
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adella February 14, 2013 - 6:27am

I think the show might be Food inc, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen it in a long time. :-)

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adella February 11, 2013 - 8:27am

I totally agree with you Miradeaux! I am vegetarian because of animal cruelty, but I didn't feel offended because of anything you said.
When I get older I want to have a class, or write a book about what actually happens in those animal factories. If I have a class I want it to be for kids because they don't seem to care what happens to the animals. Most of them just want to argue.
I feel like I am off to a good start on getting people to understand what is happening with animals though. I already got one of my friends to stop eating ground beef! (Now I need to get her to stop eating ham, and chicken). :)
Most of the animals that live in the factories never see the light of day. They live horrible lives and are forced to do things. People treat the animals like they are something that isn't alive. I don't want to get into what happens to the animals because it would take a long time and I have school work to do, :) but I recommend listening and watching Jamie Oliver. He knows what he is talking about!

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writergirl February 11, 2013 - 5:19am

great article, Miradeaux. I've never really thought about where my meat comes from, especially since I'm not the one shopping. by the way, I love meat too!