Natural Gas: What Is It?

May 23, 2013 By Nisha, 11
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Natural gas is methane. It is non-renewable. Methane is a chemical compound with a chemical formula of CH4. Methane is the main component of natural gas and is a greenhouse gas.

What it is used for and how it is found?

Compared to other fuels, burning methane produces less carbon dioxide. If methane is in the form of compressed natural gas, it is used as a vehicle fuel. Methane in that form is more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. Methane is also important for electrical generation if you burn it as a fuel in a gas turbine. In many cities methane is used for cooking purposes too.

In 1776, a man named Alessandro Volta discovered methane on Lake Maggiore. While he was boating on the lake, his boat went along sides some reeds. Volta began poking at the muddy bottom of the lake. Then he collected some of this stuff and discovered it was inflammable.

What is methane and natural gas used for?

Methane is used to produce steel, glass, paper, clothing, brick, and electricity. It can be used as a raw material for many common items that are paints, fertilizer, plastics, antifreeze, dyes, photographic film, medicine and explosives.

A little bit more than half the homes in the United States use natural gas as their main heating fuel. It is also used in homes in fuel stoves, water heaters, dryers and other household things. 


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