Reusable Energy: The Answer To Global Warming

Nov 30, 2020 By Jerrick, 10
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The world has been using lots of fossil fuels for technology during the past century.

When technology grows, so do our minds, and as the modern world sprouts, we think differently about what is good for us human beings versus what is good for the environment.

As more and more leaders realize that global warming has become an international emergency, countries have worked together to help control greenhouse gas pollution. 

Only about 20% of the world’s energy usage is from reusable energy, and 80% is from fossil fuel. This is one of the major initiatives of the Biden administration. Joe Biden is going to raise taxes to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the US, and other countries such as China, France, and the UK are doing the same. The estimated time for the US to transition to renewable energy is about four decades.

Global warming is a threat to both the environment and our modern world. It floods the land and destroys cities and habitats. The greenhouse gases are part of what causes global warming. The pollution from the use of fossil fuels like coal and gas causes more carbon dioxide and methane to be released into the air. These gases trap the reflected heat (like a thick blanket), making the temperature go up. Scientists have proven that it may take thousands of years to rid the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.

Reusable energy generated from solar panels and wind farms, however, uses natural sources like the sun and wind to generate electricity. We all know that our modern world needs energy to power our communities and the inventions we have created. But we have to also think about the natural and environmental impacts.

What can we do to save energy and also purify the environment? Reusable energy is the answer. Although this would cost a lot of money to make the change, the investment is worth it.


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a i d e nns craycray December 15, 2022 - 6:14pm
Good job. jerry jerrick boy!!!!
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Elli 8 January 6, 2022 - 11:13am
this article really tells what´s going on.
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Vedanth Sivakumar November 19, 2021 - 9:39am
Wow I need swore of this reusable energy
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AlexaMasson January 28, 2021 - 9:18am
This is really smart for a 10 year old
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B0pper February 18, 2021 - 3:10pm
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smalltiger January 9, 2021 - 11:49pm
We better save the planet as soon as possible, after all this is the only planet that has the basic elements for life thrive. Once we trash this planet we have no where else to go.
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Nathan Lee December 23, 2020 - 1:13pm
Overall, I believe that your article was good because it was detailed, and it was rich in information. It would even better if you wrote about which types of renewable energy are the best. Also, I think you should state the fact that we're already so deep in debt from all of the wars we've had before. I was impressed when I noticed that you were 10 years old. I hope to read your work again because I learned a lot. Although, I don't agree with the fact that it's a good investment because the US too far in debt. I still wonder how long the change would take if the US was to transition to reusable energy. Did you know that the US's national debt as of September is almost $27 trillion, which is roughly $70,000 per person!