Why We Should Go Vegan

May 20, 2012 By Amelia, 9
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I would like everyone to be vegan. Why? There are many reasons.

For one, I am a vegan myself, and I believe that no one should be cruel to animals. If everyone were vegan, they wouldn’t stuff chickens and pigs in cages so tiny that they couldn’t even turn around. They wouldn’t dump the animals in a truck and ship them off to a place where they will be killed. They wouldn’t force-feed them. They wouldn’t do lots of things that they are doing now.

Lots and lots of people believe that dairy cows have a long, happy life in big green fields then have a quick and painless death. But the truth is, that is actually not what happens. Instead of munching happily on grass and doing nothing except lounging about, dairy cows are forced to produce 20-50 litres of milk every day. Cows are made to be pregnant every year. Their young are taken straight away to be killed within days, raised for meat, or to become dairy cows. Separation from their calves is very distressing for the mother cows. Being forced to have babies and making so much milk, means a cow gets worn out. When that happens, it is shipped to the meat industry to be turned into food. Most humans ignore the truth just so they can go on eating the food that they love.

Secondly, people can survive perfectly well without meat. We could even be healthier by eating a plant-filled, delicious diet. Being vegan helps prevent lots of diseases, like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Third, the meat industry also causes lots of pollution, just for a food that no-one needs. The waste from factory farms leaks slowly into rivers and streams, which poisons the water that people drink.

Finally, the grain that they feed to pigs, cows and such could go to starving families all around the world. So that is why I think everyone should be vegan.


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