Would You Eat That Junk Food?

Jul 18, 2012 By Vaishnavi, Age Unknown
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“No!”  You might yell every time your parents try to give you healthy foods, but don’t do it anymore. There is a good reason behind the constant pestering, and lectures our parents give us, to eat healthy foods.

Why do we have to eat healthy foods? What is wrong with cookies, cakes, and all of the other huge pile of junk foods? Well if I told you the reason, then you would probably stop eating so much of junk foods that you eat every week.

The reason behind eating healthy foods and not junk is because of the fat, sugar, salt, cholesterol, and the processing that goes into each bite of your delicious cookie or whatever you may be eating that’s not healthy. Now do not take me as an alien. I also LOVE junk foods, such as macaroni and cheese, cookies, cupcakes and all of those yummy cookeries. But after learning that not only the fats and other contents that make the junk foods, but that each time you eat junk foods the size of your brain reduces, I completely minimized the amount of junk I took in each day.

How about eating out?

You probably eat in restaurants every month, but have you ever thought about what you are eating and drinking from? Yes, you eat from plates and drink from cups but is it washed properly? Is it clean and sterilized? Could you catch a disease if it was not washed properly? You should think about all of this.

Also, most restaurants use old oils to fry, and cook things which is terrible for your heart and health, and what about the water? Is it from a clean source? You may think that bottled water is good clean water but most bottled water companies use the recycled bottles and after ‘cleaning’ it, they fill it up with tap water that is sold again! Plus, when the plastic is exposed to sun light, it leeches into the water, and adding to the risk. Then, we get sick, and go to the doctor with problems, and they give medicines which cause more problems.. so we get more medicines and it repeats in a cycle.

Instead why don’t you eat the health foods that your parents offer you and forget the problems that can risk you and your health?