Measles Cases Rise In The U.S

May 16, 2019 By mehekk
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Yet another wave of outbreaks of measles has spread across the U.S with over 800 cases reported across the country.

Over seven hundred university students and employees in LA country were put under quarantine. Both the University of California- at Los Angeles and California State University at Los Angeles had been affected by the contagious disease. Individuals who had the disease attended classes on both campuses, causing exposure to over a thousand students in all. Many have been cleared as immune, but most are still at risk.

Measles in the USA is at a twenty-five-year high with the number of cases climbing quickly. This disease was considered "eliminated" from the U.S. The cause of the spread is based on the recent rise of “anti-vaxxers”, parents who choose not to vaccinate their children due to false information. As a result, a movement is on the rise in many states to make it more difficult for parents to avoid vaccinations.

“Measles actually kills people, so we have to take that really seriously,” said Doctor Armand Dorian, chief medical officer at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital.

A few countries around the world are also grappling with the measles virus, specifically Brazil, India, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

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