Meet A Geologist: Leticia De Marchi

Mar 22, 2017 By Leticia De Marchi
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Have you wondered -

  • What is going on under the surface of the Earth?  You could dig a hole to find out, but that can only go so deep. What’s happening below the deepest hole we can dig? 
  • What is the center of the Earth made of? 
  • How are the mountains made? 
  • Why do earthquakes happen more in some places than others? 
  • Why do we have volcanos and why do they erupt?
  • What can we learn about dinosaurs just by finding their fossils in certain types of rocks?  

These are the sorts of questions that keep geologists hard at work every day.

Hi, I am Leticia De Marchi. I am a geologist in graduate school at Auburn University, and I study craters formed by meteorite impacts. When I’m not studying craters, I like riding horses, hiking, camping, listen to music and hanging out with my friends and family.