Website Upgrade: We Are Back!

Jul 1, 2020 By Deepa Gopal
Deepa Gopal's picture

Dear Readers, Teachers & Parents --

Thank you so much for your patience while we completed a major site upgrade over the past two weeks from June 15 - June 29.

Since we moved to a new server, we had to freeze all content, user accounts, and classrooms as of June 15th. What that means is if teachers created an account or a classroom assignment, or readers added comments to articles in the last 2.5 weeks, those were not migrated to the new site.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We needed to get the upgrade done and summer is the best time for us. The good news is we are back live with the most current software!

We don't anticipate any problems. However, if you have any issues with your account, please send us an email to We will address it at the earliest.

Thank you!

Youngzine Team