To win points and badges, take a moment to Join Youngzine

Winning points and badges is cool because you could make it to the Hall of Fame and brag about it to your friends! Watch your points go up when you do one of the following. Also, if you win enough points, you also get badges. Badges get upgraded (green, bronze, silver, gold, etc) as you move up in points.

  • Read articles, rate them and comment on them by clicking on the "Add Comment" at the bottom. You will see your points go up for each activity.
  • Take the Quiz on Articles
  • Write an article and send it to us. 
  • Participate in contests. Big payoff if you are one of the 3 winners
  • Come back again and again if you want to stay ahead on the Hall of Fame. The  leaderboard lists the top scorers over the previous two weeks.

The points are as follows --

  • Every time you log in: 1 point
  • Approved comment: 2 points
  • Quiz -- Correct Answer: 1 point
  • Win contest: 50 points
  • Published UWrite (poem, art, story, book or movie review etc.): 150 points

Summary: The more you do on Youngzine, the more points you win!