To win points and badges, take a moment to Join Youngzine

Winning points and badges is cool because you could make it to the Hall of Fame and brag about it to your friends! Watch your points go up when you do one of the following. Also, if you win enough points, you also get badges. Badges get upgraded (green, bronze, silver, gold, etc) as you move up in points.

  • Write an article and send it to us. You get lots of points, and a "Writer" badge if it gets published.
  • Quiz yourself! Hint: Big payoff, and an "Explorer" badge! Remember to read the article linked from each question.
  • Participate in contests. Big payoff if you are one of the 3 winners
  • Read the latest articles, rate them and comment on them by clicking on the "Add your thoughts" at the bottom. You will see your points go up for each activity.
  • Come back again and again if you want to stay ahead on the Hall of Fame.

Summary: The more you do on Youngzine, the more points you win!


There are 3 kinds of activities for you which you get points:

  • Exploring: You get 3 points for visiting Youngzine, 1 point for every article you read, 1 point for rating an article, 1 point for attempting a quiz question, and 2 more points for each correct quiz answer!
  • Commenting You get 3 points for making a comment, 1 point for participating in a poll, and 6 points for writing feedback to Youngzine. You won't get points for repeatedly doing those though!
  • Writing: You get 100 points if your article gets published in U-Write

There are 4 levels of badges you can earn, based on points for each activity type:

  • Green: 100 for Explorer/Commentator/Writer
  • Bronze: 300 for Explorer/Commentator, 200 for Writer
  • Silver: 600 for Explorer/Commentator, 300 for Writer
  • Gold: 1200 for Explorer/Commentator, 400 for Writer